Shortcuts and Pitfalls: the final phase

This blog has so far covered 5 of the 6 themes of human factors and patient safety it set out to explore. These are:

The cognitive foundations of human error

The behavioural foundations of human error

The clinical foundations of human error

The systemic foundations of human error

The foundations of patient safety incident management


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Just before we set off on the final phase, why not catch up with our 12 most popular posts so far:

A short history of medical human error

What is the real magnitude of medical error?

3 seminal landmarks in the history of human error

Crucial patient safety lessons from 9 landmark industrial disasters

Cracking the problem of the disruptive physician

The perils of cognitive biases

The perils of diagnostic overconfidence

The behavioural competencies of effective teamwork

The hidden hazards of over-diagnosis

How to avoid litigation from patient safety incidents 

The critical importance of diagnostic flexibility

The attainment of expertise


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We will next embark on the final phase of our exploration with a review of the foundations of human factors management. The following are the themes we will address in the next few weeks:


The benefits and downsides of guidelines

The benefits, applications, and downsides of checklists

Medication safety

Risk communication 

The patient’s role in preventing human error

Speaking up and whistleblowing

The morbidity and mortality conference 

Patient safety training

Teamwork training 

Organisational learning




Doctors Researching. Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose on Flickr.




So stay tuned as we start off next week with the benefits of guidelines in preventing human error


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